Unsere Tiere der Saarloos Wolfhunde  LOUP HIVERNAL haben selektierte neue Linien aus der Bretagne in Frankreich und Norwegen.
Der genetische Genpol der Saarloos Wolfhunde ist in der Regel gering. Deshalb ist unser Anliegen neue Blutlinien aus ganz Europa zu implementieren.   


4 Gedanken zu „Wolfhunde“

  1. Dear sir or madam

    We are looking for a saarloos wolfhound and sent a mail to Sabrina Sass. Unfortunately she answered our mail, saying there are no langer puppies available. She did tell us that you are expecting puppies and we’d like to get some information about them. Are there still any available or are they all sold already?

    De Geeter Marleen, Zottegem, Belgium

    1. Good morning thank you for your interest in a puppy from our bitch Naala. There are still puppies available. We will give you accurate information later and send pictures from the parents while we are still working. Many greetings Manuela and Michael Mohmeyer

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